Characterising risk and biology Of Smouldering Myeloma for early detection Of Symptomatic myeloma


COSMOS is an observational study which means that there is no drug being tested. You will continue to be followed up regularly by your haematologist in clinic as normal. When you have a blood test or bone marrow test, we will use part of the sample for the study.

If you agree to take part in the study, you will have some extra investigations performed based on the risk of your condition developing into myeloma.

To find out a bit more about our study please take a look at our Youtube video. See: Introducing the COSMOS Study for Smouldering Myeloma.


  • The Chief Investigator for the Study is Professor Kwee Yong

To find out more about smouldering myeloma see either of these sites:

For more information please contact the COSMOS team:

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